Wednesday, July 23, 2008

080720 hearing aid

080720 hearing aid, originally uploaded by PBNJ smurf.

EDM 079- draw an ear
This elderly man was sitting in front of me. I took my time studying him. As I drew him I felt a bit self-conscious. Wondering what he'd think of me sketching him.


Ann said...

I really enjoy seeing your sketches.I just picked up the same handbook landscape journal for myself. They are good all around books. To get the whole image to show here, I don't know but maybe your original is too big and needs to be a smaller pixel width? Or try uploading it in a smaller display size - I always select medium, maybe you need to choose the small setting? Good luck!

Spinneretta said...

The reason it wont display is because the body of this template is too small to display the size you chose. As Ann said, try uploading and click the 'small' button when you do it :) Then if that works, you'll get the whole picture in. It will be clickable for people to see the whole thing bigger if they like :)

MaryO said...

I really enjoy the strong lines in these last three drawings! Very nice work. I'm sure that gentleman would have been flattered that you used him as your subject.

Stephanie said...

Way to go! Love the line work of all 3 of your images. the knife is really neat looking-looks like a very serviceable tool indeed! I'm certain the gentalman would not have minded in the least. :) You did a great job on the ear and the rest of his head too!

freebird said...

Unless he's a grouchy old man he'd probably be tickled pink at the attention.
Great sketch.