Thursday, April 24, 2008

070506 her shoulder

070506 her shoulder, originally uploaded by PBNJ smurf.

May 2007- She was sitting on a bench in front of me. I focused on her shoulder, just trying to get the simplest lines.

070403 the slide

070403 the slide, originally uploaded by PBNJ smurf.
April 2007-  The slide rests unused most of the time.  Especially in the cold months.

070314 trash can

070314 trash can, originally uploaded by PBNJ smurf.

March 2007- The neighbor sometimes leaves his trash can out a day or two after pick up. Instead of getting angry, I decided to sketch it.
It worked this time. Must I sketch it every week?

070220 library

070220 library, originally uploaded by PBNJ smurf.

Feb 2007- The library was warm. The snow outside kept me from leaving.  

BTW  the sketch is wider, but I'm not sure how to show the whole thing.  Visit my flckr for it.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

070119 living room

070119 living room, originally uploaded by PBNJ smurf.

January 2007-  It got started.   I decided to have a separate journal for sketching, and keeping my regular journal just for writing.  Here is the first sketch in the moleskine.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Journals are scanned

I scanned the sketching journals I've kept since I started last year.  Now I'm working on figuring out Flickr and this blog.