Sunday, July 20, 2008

080715 bleachers n lights

080715 bleachers n lights, originally uploaded by PBNJ smurf.

Behind the pool house at the park sits the baseball diamond. The bleachers are shorter than usual. I liked how the pole stood out against a background of trees.


Stephanie said...

way to go! getting out and sketching is the best way to work on your lines and composition. learning what to keep in a sketch and what to leave out is so hard! we want to include everything we see and I can get overwhelmed. Picking one or 2 things to focus on and really look at has been helping me. cheers! and keep sharing!!

Susan M. Walker said...

Keep it up. I love your simple quality of line. it says everything with little. From a neighbor in PA.

Deb said...

Great sketches! I especially like the cemetery.

Lynn said...

I really like your outdoor sketches. Your compositions and simplicity of lines are lovely. I agree, keep it up!